Africa Railway Systems and Consultants

Diesel Shunting Locomotives and Trackmobiles

Diesel-Hydrostatic Shunting locomotives available.

We pride ourselves in being able to supply our clients with brand new Diesel Shunting Locomotives.

  • 5 - 65 tons

  • Vacuum or airbrakes.

  • Any gauge.

  • Custom designed.

  • Ideal for shunting at silos, cement works or mines.

We are also able to supply Trackmobile Road-Rail Locomotives.
- Hydraulically operated weight transfer method.
- Ability to climb on and off the rails at any point.
- No run around loops required.
- Remote controlled options available.
- Extremely popular overseas and world leaders in shunting solutions.

Other refurbished conventional shunting locomotives such as Funkey,UCW, Hunslet and Henles are also available.